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SharmaCare & Insurance

Does SharmaCare accept insurance?

SharmaCare does not bill any insurance, but don't let that scare you. This health care model places preventative care over profits. 

  • In addition to SharmaCare membership we recommend that you carry a major medical/high deductible insurance plan or share-of-cost plan for medically necessary services outside the scope of primary care, such as emergency or specialist care, and hospitalization. 


  • Keeping your current insurance plan for medical care received outside of SharmaCare is also an option.  

The kind of insurance coverage you choose, or whether or not to carry health insurance, is your decision. 

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To help you navigate the complex maze of health coverage, SharmaCare can advise you on your options to supplement your SharmaCare membership. 

An alternative to commercial coverage is a health share program. Health Sharing programs tailored exclusively to DPC members. This gives you access to low-cost medical cost sharing to cover your emergency and hospital care.

SharmaCare will provide your routine and preventive services. 

Pairing  Direct Primary Care with a health sharing program is a simplified way to build a comprehensive healthcare plan, while still paying considerably less than you would with traditional insurance.

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