Why Choose Direct Primary Care?

Personalized, preventative care

Fewer hospitalizations 

Less utilization of ER or urgent care

Lower healthcare costs & better health outcomes


Benefits of Direct Primary Care

Deeply discounted prescriptions & procedures.

Same or next day appointments for members.

Longer appointments & shorter wait times.

No insurance company "middle-man" involvement.

Direct communication with your provider.

Conventional Health Care

  • Longer wait times, limited scheduling options

  • Rushed, impersonal appointments

  • Large price mark-ups on medications and tests

  • High volume of patients = less  time spent with each patient

  • Limited office hours for provider contact

  • Insurance company hassles

Direct Primary Care

  • Direct relationship with your provider

  • Text, phone, email access to health care provider

  • Transparent & upfront pricing

  • Preventative care vs. reactionary care

  • Save hundreds on medications, lab work, and visits

  • Less patients means appointments are not rushed

  • No insurance company middle-men, claims, authorizations

SharmaCare & Insurance

SharmaCare does not accept insurance, but don't let that scare you. This health care model places preventative care over profits.

  • In addition to membership we recommend that you carry a high deductible insurance plan or share-of-cost plan for medically necessary services outside the scope of primary care, such as emergency or specialist care, and hospitalization. 

  • Keeping your current insurance plan for medical care received outside of SharmaCare is also an option.


The kind of insurance coverage you choose or whether or not you carry health insurance is your decision.