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Why Choose Direct Primary Care?

Personalized, preventative care

Fewer hospitalizations 

Less utilization of ER or urgent care

Lower healthcare costs & better health outcomes

How Direct Primary Care is Different

Listen to Sharma Atkinson-Staten describe the problems with conventional healthcare and explain how direct primary care is a different model that eliminates many common barriers to quality, affordable healthcare. 

Conventional Healthcare  VS.

Direct Primary Care

Rushed, often impersonal appointments

More time with your provider

Huge price mark-ups on medications

Significantly discounted prescriptions

Insurance company involved in decisions

No insurance company middle-man!

Limited options for provider contact

Direct communication with your provider

Reactionary care

Preventative care

Limited scheduling options

Same or next-day appointments

Membership starts at $60 a month!

From general healthcare to medically assisted weight loss and skin care, SharmaCare members have access to many different services.

See what people who have made the switch to direct primary care have to say.

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