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Sharma maintains a five star rating on HealthGrades


Routine appointment, but Sharma was, as usual, very personable, very attentive, was patient and caring, and made sure I was comfortable, had all my issues addressed, and that my visit was all that I expected of her. She's always such a pleasure, so knowledgeable and a pleasure to have as my ARNP.



Sharma has be my health representative for over three years. She oversees my monthly required blood testing and is always prompt in letting me know the numbers and if an adjustment in my meds is needed. Sharma always has time to hear my concerns and responds, never leaves me feeling that I have been rushed with my visit. 


I had caught the flu and needed to be worked in without a scheduled appointment. They did that for me and got me right in. Sharma got me the medicine I needed ordered and I am on the way to feeling better. She is always very nice and caring. I don't know what I would do without her. I highly recommend her.

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